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Brain Injuries, Port Perry

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Personal Injury - Brain Injuries, Port Perry

Sadly, brain injuries can happen as a result of any type of accident and often take time to be properly diagnosed.  This is because brain injuries can take days or even weeks to start showing symptoms and, even when they do, brain injuries can be difficult to diagnose because they vary in nature and severity.

Few people realize that you can sustain a concussion without losing consciousness or even hitting your head.  The brain floats on fluids within your skull.  If you get rear-ended in a car accident, for example, the force can cause your brain to strike the front of your skull, causing a concussion, even if your head does not make contact with the steering wheel or any other part of the car.

Brain injuries can be sustained by a car accident, a motorcycle accident, or even a slip and fall. The most common brain injuries for victims of these accidents are: swelling of the brain, skull fractures, concussions, cerebral contusions, or hemorrhaging.  The symptoms can vary from being mild to severe.  In mild cases, symptoms consist of headaches, blurry vision, nausea, tinnitus and dizziness.  More severe symptoms include speech impediments, memory loss/confusion, insomnia, and loss of coordination.

If you or someone you know have suffered from a traumatic brain injury, the knowledge and experience from a personal injury lawyer can be crucial to help you get the compensation to fit your needs and help with the challenges these life-changing injuries present.  At Evans, Mitchell-Gill, our firm deals with many concussion and brain-injured clients; our knowledge and expertise can help guide you through claims for brain injuries.

Contact our law firm today to assist and guide you through this process to help you achieve a successful outcome.  The lawyers at Evans, Mitchell-Gill are knowledgeable, experienced, and have represented victims of Brain Injuries, Port Perry for over 40 years.  Our trained professionals can guide you through the process and fight to get you a fair and just compensation for your injuries.