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Dog Attack, Brooklin

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Personal Injury - Dog Attack, Brooklin

Dog attack victims often suffer serious physical and even emotional trauma.  Sometimes the victim will develop a fear of dogs, causing the individual to be afraid to walk on the street, as they might get bitten by a dog again. 

If you have suffered a dog attack, make sure to keep a detailed record of your injuries sustained from the attack as well as your medical care and progression of recovery from your sustained injuries.  A personal injury lawyer will investigate the details of the attack and inform you of your legal rights and how to receive fair compensation.

Some serious complications from dog attack outcome include scarring, muscular damage, rabies, tetanus, sepsis, meningitis, emotional trauma and post-traumatic stress disorder. These complications require urgent medical attention.

Different types of damages in a dog attack claim include general and special damages. General damages include pain and suffering; special damages include wage loss and out of pocket expenses as a result of the attack.

Many people tell us that they ‘have never sued before’ and ‘aren’t that kind of person.’  You should realize that the purpose of insurance is to help ease the losses suffered by innocent victims and to protect those at fault from financial ruin.  In reality you are suing an insurance company, not the individual responsible.

Contact our law firm today to assist and guide you through this process to help you achieve a successful outcome.  The lawyers at Evans, Mitchell-Gill are knowledgeable, experienced, and have represented victims of Dog Attack, Brooklin for over 40 years.  Our trained professionals can guide you through the process and fight to get you a fair and just compensation for your injuries.

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