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Trip and Fall, Bowmanville

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Personal Injury - Trip and Fall, Bowmanville

A poorly maintained property can lead to injuries you were to trip and fall on its premises. Carelessness and neglect are often the cause of these dangerous conditions that could cause a person to trip and fall.  Some of these conditions are:

  • Uneven stairs, broken or cluttered stairs
  • Loose carpeting
  • Broken tiles/flooring
  • Cords, wires or other objects on the floor
  • Poorly lit stairs/walkways
  • Uneven or inconsistency in level or slope of walkway

Injuries from a a trip and fall could be sustained anywhere on your body, depending on how someone fell.  You could end up with broken wrists, a fractured tail bone, shoulder injuries, sprains or fractures to the knee, foot or ankle or even facial or head injuries.  Property owners are required to maintain and care for their properties by law, to keep visitors safe from possible injuries.  Sadly, that is not always the case.

Many people tell us that they ‘have never sued before’ and ‘aren’t that kind of person.’  You should realize that the purpose of insurance is to help ease the losses suffered by innocent victims and to protect those at fault from financial ruin.  In reality you are suing an insurance company, not the individual responsible.

If you have tripped and fallen and you suspect or have proof of a property owner neglecting their duty of care to you, don’t hesitate to contact Evans, Mitchell-Gill.  We are here to help!

Contact our law firm today to assist and guide you through this process to help you achieve a successful outcome.  The lawyers at Evans, Mitchell-Gill are knowledgeable, experienced, and have represented victims of Trip and Fall, Bowmanville for over 40 years.  Our trained professionals can guide you through the process and fight to get you a fair and just compensation for your injuries.