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ATV Accidents, Oshawa

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Motor Vehicle Accidents - ATV Accidents, Oshawa

Just like all motor vehicles, there are certain rules drivers of All-Terrain Vehicles ‘ATVs’ must follow. The driver must abide by speed limits, have a clear view from all angles, passengers are prohibited, ATV insurance must be carried, you may not be under the influence of alcohol or drugs, and a motorcycle helmet must be worn.  If an ATV driver was not abiding by the rules and injures someone, compensation may be available to the injured person.

In regards to ATV insurance, if the ATV driver is going to leave the property, he or she must have valid insurance. If the ATV is only being driven on private property, the ATV does not need to be insured.

Often an ATV owner will allow someone else to drive their ATV.  This is only permitted without supervision if the individual is licensed. There must be adult supervision for children under the age of 12.  If you got into an accident while driving an ATV that does not belong to you, the owner of the ATV involved in the accident will be held responsible. 

If someone gets injured in an ATV accident, the victim can seek compensation for their losses. Damages for pain and suffering may be granted, but these damages are challenging to claim in Ontario ATV cases.

Injuries sustained from an ATV accident can be wide-ranging, and they vary significantly in severity.  If you have been injured in an ATV accident, contact Evans, Mitchell-Gill today.  Our experienced lawyers can advise you with respect to seeking compensation for your injuries.