Most of us Canadians aren’t litigious by nature. When we are involved in an accident, suing whoever might have caused it is often the last thing on our mind. So why sue?

Firstly, it is important to consider who is really paying out in lawsuits the vast majority of the time: insurance companies. Whether we were in a car accident, slipped and fell on some ice outside the grocery store or on a city sidewalk, insurance covers the resulting injuries. That’s why we have insurance.

Secondly, accidents can have severe, long-lasting effects on injured persons, some of whom never completely recover. A lawsuit won’t replace a lost limb, reverse paralysis or bring a deceased loved one back to life, but it’s the only comfort the law can provide.

Lastly, accidents can place a tremendous burden on those who rely upon the injured person. Some have to reduce their hours at work or even leave their job altogether to care for injured loved ones, some have to provide care and take over household duties the injured had performed prior to their getting hurt. Suing whoever is responsible for a person getting hurt can help lighten the burden placed on those around him or her.

So if you or a loved one is injured in an accident that could have been avoided, but for somebody’s carelessness or negligence, commencing a lawsuit against them is often the only recourse you have, the only form of justice you can find. Always remember: this is why we have insurance. Just in case.